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Helpful team at FLAAR in past years

More than half the people working at FLAAR are university students. Not many companies allow people to arrive and leave at whatever hour they wish. So students don’t have much opportunity since they need time for attending classes, doing homework, writing their thesis, etc. We at FLAAR Mesoamerica understand this so each student is an independent contractor; this also helps them if they wish to do free lance work elsewhere. The students can come anytime from 6:30 am and work however many of few hours that they wish. Some arrive only in the afternoon since they have classes in the morning.

Since many students finish their thesis, and graduate, often they get scholarships to another country to decide to move into a traditional 9-to-5 job, so they retire and move forward in their lives.

On this page we would like to show some of the capable and helpful students who worked with us in past years (not space on this page to show them all).

Andrea 9771   Melanny 9953

Andrea Mendoza specializes in 3D digital technology: 3D scanning, 3D software, and creating 3D scenes. She is Assistant Review Editor for writing reviews and evaluations of the hardware, software, and techniques to help students and graphic designers move into the 3-dimensional world (with animation being the eventual final goal).

Melanny Quiñonez is a capable and experienced artist and illustrator. She is now Assistant Review Editor for evaluating and doing press reports on digital imaging, scanning, and pen tablet technology and software for FLAAR Reports publications. These reviews are to assist readers to learn the first steps in preparation for animation.

Sofia Monzon Staff FLAAR Mesoamerica   Erick 9785

Sofia Monzon (Graphic Designer), began working at FLAAR in June 2010 to help with all the new FLAAR Reports. So many companies are asking for evaluations that we have had to hire additional staff.

Erick Flores helps preparing educational material on Neotropical flora and fauna of Guatemala. These PDFs and PowerPoint presentations are to assist students, scholars, professors, and the interested lay public both in Guatemala and around the world. One of our goals is to show the natural beauty of Guatemala so that more people from the Americas, Europe, Asia and everywhere else will consider visiting Guatemala. Erick Flores is also helping as a video producer of comparable educational videos about flora, fauna, and evaluations of digital imaging equipment and how best to photograph plants and animals.

Rita Puente   Juan Luis

Rita Puente is in charge of booking the airplane tickets and finding economical hotels, for Dr Nicholas and the entire team of FLAAR technical writers and graphic designers who fly around the world many times every year to learn more about wide-format inkjet printing technology so we can continue to provide educational documentation for our growing readership. Rita also does general secretarial and organizational tasks in the office (a 7-level office with over 15 employees).

Luis Sacayon is a student at Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala City. FLAAR makes it possible for the students who work for us to learn by visiting digital imaging companies in foreign countries. Here is Luis at the factory of Durst this year in Brixen, Italy (at the left). In the photograph at the right Juan Luis is taking photos at SGIA 2008 for our websites and FLAAR Reports. FLAAR has also sent him for introductory training in 3D scanning at a ZCorp distributor training center in Slovenia. Juan Luis has also undertaken two site-visit case studies of two large sign printing companies in Slovenia.

Flor Setina, FLAAR Mesoamerica

Silvia Herrera (Worked as a Graphic Designer for FLAAR Reports). She was part of the FLAAR team since 2007. She now works from her home-office in Barcelona, Spain. This way there is always one employee on European time zone since Dr Hellmuth is often in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

First posted July 2020.

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